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National support: communities are waiting for their ideas to be funded
News, 01/03/2023

According to the data of the National Payment Agency, 542 national support applications (for 1,895,855.00 Eur) were received this year to finance rural community projects.

The communities of Rokiškis region submitted 21 applications for this support program.

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The XII call has ended
News, 24/02/2023

The XIII call for local projects based on the area of business start-up activity has ended. Three local projects were received.


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The new strategy: meeting with residents
News, 14/02/2023

The local action group team was visiting the wards. In informative (publicity) events, the new financial period of the LAG is being discussed with the communities.

LAG is currently preparing a strategy for the new period. According to Milda Ulevičienė, the new head of the strategy, it is very important to meet and consult with people, to hear about their problems and their hopes, so that we can reflect the situation in the strategy in reality and we can properly form financial instruments.

Agendas of meetings in wards (click here)

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Consultations for bussines projects
News, 02/02/2023

On February 7th there will be an informative consultation event about the "Rokiškis Village Strategy 2014-2020" business tool in Rokiškis district municipal building 8th floor hall.

Currently, the local activity group of Rokiškis district is carrying out the XIII stage of collecting local projects according to the strategic activity area "Support for starting a business". A little later in the spring, the XIV call for local projects will be organized under the field of activity "Support for business development".

The call for applications is valid from 2023 January 20th 12 a.m. until 2023 February 22nd 12 a.m.

More information and documents can be found here.

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Community initiatives - in the participatory budget

40,000 Euros are provided in the budget of the municipality of Rokiškis district for the participating budget: 20,000 Euros to implement district projects and 20,000 Euros for city projects. The purpose of financing community initiatives aimed at improving the living environment, project finansating idea is to increase the opportunities of citizens to be included in the formation of the municipal budget.

The applicant can be any resident who has declared their place of residence in the municipality of Rokiškis district, who is at least 16 years old, and who has collected 20 signatures of residents who have declared their place of residence in the district, supporting the idea.

Proposals for project ideas are being accepted until 2023 March 14th at the Rokiškis district municipality administration (Respublikos g. 94, Rokiškis) and electronically (e-mail:

The value of the project implementation is up to 20,000 Euros.

More information can be found here


Flag of the Gediminas Tower for Pandėlys Gymnasium

On January 1st, during the Lithuanian Flag Day remembering ceremony, the national flag that was hanging at the Gediminas Tower was handed over to the Pandėlys Gymnasium of Rokiškis district for public spirit nurturing, - the Ministry of National Defense reported.

The tradition of handing over the flag of the Gediminas Castle tower to one of the Lithuanian schools has existed since 2005.

L. Sadauskienė – the president of Rokiškis business club

Just before Christmas, Laimutė Sadauskienė, a long-time member of the board of the Rokiškis district local activity group, owner of a bakery company, and an active public figure, became the president of the Rokiškis business club.

L.Sadauskienė is counting her personal business achievements with the medals of šakotis, sweet mushrooms and other baked goods from various national and international exhibitions. Her activities are also important in the LAG of Rokiškis district - L. Sadauskienė has been sharing her experience with NGOs almost since the beginning of the LAG, she joined in 2009. L. Sadauskienė's company is often mentioned by non-governmental organizations for its patronage tradition.


A virtual exhibition for the centenary of the artist

The Lithuanian Literature and Art Archive has prepared a virtual exhibition to commemorate the centeruy of the birth of a talented artist from Rokiškis region, Aleknos, Juzefa Pajuta (Jutos) Čeičytės (1922 - 2022),  repost the portal 

Communities are invited to delegate representatives

The municipality invites the community organizations of the Rokiškis region to hurry up and actively delegate representatives to the council of the municipal community organizaations. Each community organization may delegate one representatives. The community leaders meeting will select the most active representatives from the delegates. 

There are 5 seats for community representatives on the Council of Community Organizations and they will be the most important voice for communities in the municipality. 

Candidates must be submitted by June 3rd to the Rokiškis District Municipality Administration or submit a scanned letter by electronic means to

Works of Rokiškis artist in e-space

Commemorative gifts made by Rokiškis artist Asta Keraitienė, souvenirs representing the city of Rokiškis, educational creative collections, original paintings, etc. - you can see all this and more by e-mail in the store


Population Ideas Competition

The municipality will accept the rasidents' ideas for improving the living environment by April 22. It is a participatory budget program designed to implement the idea of infractructure management proposed by the populiation. This year, the municipality allocated 35 thousand eur. The basket of funds was divided: 15 thousand euros will be spend on project ideas for rural eldership and 20 thousand euros for Rokiškis city. True, one resident can not submit a project, must collect 20 like-minded signatures. All ideas will then be put on a public vote.

Aušra Vingelienė, Deputy Head of the Consturction and Infrastructure Development Departament, who supervises the competition, said that last year, when the competition was held for the first time, 13 project ideas were received. You can inquire about the competition by calling: 8458 71418; 8615 65359.

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The project is financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Republic of Lithuania