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LRT "Stories of Things" - about Professor Mykolas Römeris

The story of the famous man of our land can be seen. (Lithuanian language)

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The LAG community became involved in coronastop volunteering.
Updated report, from March 25, 2020 to

The LAG community responded to the call to stop the coronavirus epidemic through various voluntary activities, with some collecting food and vegetables for the population, others donating to medical personnel, and others sewing face masks, and others undertaking organizational activities.

(The report will be constantly updated with the knowledge of the community: LAG e-mail: write a message and provide a photo).

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The call for a collection of local projects has moved on for a month

At the end of March, the plans of the Rokiškis district local action group to organize the collection of local project applications were corrected by the coronavirus.

Once the epidemic situation in the country has been declared, neither LAG board meetings nor training of applicants is possible. Raimonda Stankevičiūtė-Vilimienė, the chairwoman of the LAG, hopes that the next fifth call will be launched at the end of April - the date is now April 28.

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Epidemic and financial reporting. It will be assessed flexibly
News, 04-01-2020

The LAG contacted the Center for Registers and asked them to comment on the situation in 2019 years financial statements, as it is not possible to convene a general meeting during the quarantine period.

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Vytautas Gužas - Kardas
Juozas Otto Širvydas
Juozas Petrulis
Juozas Tūbelis
Antanas Deksnys
Mykolas Römeris
Antanas Tumėnas
Vladas Mironas
Marcelė Kubiliūtė
Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas
Šmuelis Aba Sniegas
Leonardas Grigonis - Užpalis

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