Rokiškio rajono vietos veiklos grupė

Let’s build a strategy together
News, 19-06-2020

Please fill out the form that will help you develop a strategy for the new period.

You can find the online application form here

Thank you in advance for the answers

Partner: Rokiškis Juozas Keliuotis Public Library

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Training to create or improve existing websites

In the arsenal hall of Biržai castle (J. Radvilos str. 3, Biržai) in 2020. July 8 (Wednesday) 15.00 The event will be open to anyone who wants to create or improve websites and e-mails. shops. The most beautiful Lithuanian domain will be awarded during it www.sukįkaimą.lt 

To the event until July 7. please register online: 

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A new LAG volunteer is a scooter entrepreneur


The ranks of Rokiškis LAG volunteers are being filled - Rugilė Balčiūnaitė will start volunteering according to the YVS program from Wednesday. She is not only a volunteer, but also an entrepreneur who rents scooters.

Photo by M. Ulevičienė


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In elderships - helpers for communities
News, 30-06-2020

The communities of Rokiškis district will finally have helpers in the elderships.

The administration of Rokiškis municipality informed that when the nature of work of agricultural specialists in elderships was changing, the functions of specialists were supplemented. In addition to agricultural functions, these specialists are provided with community gathering and activation functions, administration of activities beneficial to society, supervision of the activities of elders, and other functions.

Irina Barauskienė assigned to Kazliškis eldership, room 605, phone no. 51686; 861125133, e-mail.:

Egidija Gasiūnienė assigned to Panemunėlis eldership, room 705, phone no. 51885, 861616207; e-mail.:

Gintarė Vinciūnienė assigned to Kriaunai eldership, room 604, phone no. 51686, 86540232, e-mail.:

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