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Two more projects complemented the results of the VPS

June 9 The project selection committee meeting of the LAG considered and assessed 2 more business ideas as appropriate. One project with the highest score was transferred to the eligibility stage and the other to the reserve project list.

The project was included in the reserve projects due to the lack of funds in the field of activity “Support for Business Development” (code EURI-19.2-6.4).

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Gift to the region - album "Sanctuaries and bells of Rokiškis region"

The charity and support foundation of the priest Jonas Katele organized a very important activity for the history of Rokiškis region - he used the scientific and creative community, recorded all the bells of the shrines of Rokiškis region and released a representative album “Rokiškis region church and bells”.

June 7 The presentation of the album took place at the Rokiškis Juozas Keliuotis Library, which is under the auspices of book publishers. A large group of fans of the foundation gathered, almost all members of the publishing team arrived.

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Century: The threads caught up in the poet’s life and work

People of Panemunėlis region and Rokiškis theater on June 6. commemorated the 100th anniversary of the poet Matilda Olkinaitė from Panemunėlis. The Rokiškis Theater 's performance "Silenced Muses" (dir. Neringa Danienė), a documentary by the American academic community about the work done to find the exact burial place of M. Olkinaitė' s family in the Sahara peat bog, near the Kavoliškis settlement (the place was found and marked). The people of Panemunėlis region read M.Olkinaitė's poems at the sculpture erected by librarians in memory of M.Olkinaitė (author Vidmantas Zakarka).

This year, Panemunėlis is the small capital of Lithuanian culture.

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XI call for project selection meeting

June 9 the local action group is organizing a local project selection meeting for the 11th call,where the aspect of project benefits and quality is assessed in accordance with the objectives of the Rokiškis district local action group strategy measure.

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A virtual exhibition for the centenary of the artist

The Lithuanian Literature and Art Archive has prepared a virtual exhibition to commemorate the centeruy of the birth of a talented artist from Rokiškis region, Aleknos, Juzefa Pajuta (Jutos) Čeičytės (1922 - 2022),  repost the portal 

Communities are invited to delegate representatives

The municipality invites the community organizations of the Rokiškis region to hurry up and actively delegate representatives to the council of the municipal community organizaations. Each community organization may delegate one representatives. The community leaders meeting will select the most active representatives from the delegates. 

There are 5 seats for community representatives on the Council of Community Organizations and they will be the most important voice for communities in the municipality. 

Candidates must be submitted by June 3rd to the Rokiškis District Municipality Administration or submit a scanned letter by electronic means to

Works of Rokiškis artist in e-space

Commemorative gifts made by Rokiškis artist Asta Keraitienė, souvenirs representing the city of Rokiškis, educational creative collections, original paintings, etc. - you can see all this and more by e-mail in the store


Population Ideas Competition

The municipality will accept the rasidents' ideas for improving the living environment by April 22. It is a participatory budget program designed to implement the idea of infractructure management proposed by the populiation. This year, the municipality allocated 35 thousand eur. The basket of funds was divided: 15 thousand euros will be spend on project ideas for rural eldership and 20 thousand euros for Rokiškis city. True, one resident can not submit a project, must collect 20 like-minded signatures. All ideas will then be put on a public vote.

Aušra Vingelienė, Deputy Head of the Consturction and Infrastructure Development Departament, who supervises the competition, said that last year, when the competition was held for the first time, 13 project ideas were received. You can inquire about the competition by calling: 8458 71418; 8615 65359.

Through the eyes of the elders of the eldership

The newspaper "Native Rokiškis" published a series of interviews with the elders of Rokiškis region. The interview tells about the current issues of the elderships. 

February 19 an interviewer with Dalia Januliene, an elder of one of the largest Rokiškis rural eldership, was published in the newspaper issue. 


A smart village is a nail in the new era

The Rural Strategic Plan for the new period will introduce innovation and the challenge for local action groups to create smart villages in their area. 


The official website of the emergency

Residents can follow the Civil Protection Advice website for emergency and other official safety information. 

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The project is financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Republic of Lithuania