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LAGs adjusted the strategy by changing the cooperation instrument
24-11-2020, News

The LAG submitted a proposal and received the approval of the National Paying Agency to change the scope of the 'Cooperation' strategy from short supply chains to cooperation in the field of tourism. This is the most important reason for the change in the strategy, as the LAG will organise the collection phase of local VII projects at the beginning of spring 2021, which will invite applications for measures: NVOs in the field of social business, cooperation and economic and business development activities "Support for business development".

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Rokiškis decorated with the stands of Professor Mykolas Römeris
20-11-2020, News

To commemorate the 140th anniversary of Professor Mykolas Römeris, the initiative of the LAG member Leonardas Šablinskas Rokiškis was decorated with special stands.

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A selection of projects: approved benefits of 6 call projects
09-11-2020, News

4 out of 5 projects were implemented in the call for "Rokiškis Rural Strategy 2014-2020" called for a filter by the local action group selection committee and were recognised as high-quality and sufficient benefits.

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Non-governmental organisations must formally register the status
2020-11-06, News

The Register Centre invites non-governmental organisations to formally register the status of non-senior organisation. The procedure is free.

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Juozas Tūbelis
Antanas Deksnys
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