Rokiškio rajono vietos veiklos grupė

COMMUNITIES. Rokiškis region community festival "Only together we are successful" will be held in Salos on June 17th. STRATEGY. The XIV th call for projects under the activity area of the Rokiškis district LAG strategy "Support for business development" is underway. Get acquainted with the documents by clicking on the link.

VVG activities

LAG of Rokiškis district accents of history and mission

MISSION of local action group of Rokiškis district

Local action group of Rokiškis district – this is organization form based on voluntary work uniting people from non-governmental organizations, local authorities and business structures. LAG aim is to improve the quality of life in rural areas - to create an attractive rural environment and to promote of local residents social, economic activity and strengthen the sense of community.


Sense of community as the conviction that you are responsible for their own actions and their own choices in the community where you live.

Volunteering as a free decision for their time, their competences and experience for the public interest.

Initiative as the ability by oneself to start and to encourage others to act.

Innovation as a successful application of new ideas and methods.

Heritage promotion as the value of identity, strengthening human and region connection.

Transparency understood as the duty to act honestly, visible, predictable and understandable.

Openness as perceived organization's openness to new members, approving the organization's values, mission and activities.

Citizenship understood as a commitment to our own state, nation and its values.

2017-01-01 LAG brings together 127 members.


More significant accents of the history

Local action group of Rokiškis district (LAG) was created on February of 2007. An impulse for its occurrence was on 25th of January, 2007. In Rokiškis was a meeting with the representatives of Lithuanian ministry of agriculture and public institution of Utena region community fund, where were highlighted the Rural development process in the LEADER program and provided opportunities. The founders - Birutė Bagdonienė, Gintaras Styra and Kristina Stonikaitė - signed the agreement of establishment of local action group of Rokiškis district.

The founding meeting of LAG of Rokiškis took place on 7th of February, 2007, LAG of Rokiškis region was registered on 3rd of April, 2007 in legal entities register, local action group of Rokiškis region was formed, with the essential requirements of the LEADER approach and the principles of: territorial integrity, “from the bottom to the top”, equivalence, transparency, inclusion, transparency, partnership.

LAG of Rokiškis region applied for and received the funding under the Lithuanian rural development program for 2007-2013 "Support for the LAG activity, acquiring skills and active adjusting”  activity area "Technical assistance for the rural studies and (or) to update persons involved in the preparation or improvement of local development strategy teaching" on the 4th of April, 2008.

In general meeting of members of LAG was approved a new version of statute of the association on 5th of May, 2009.

On 17th of July, 2009 in the conference of local action group of  Rokiškis district was presented and approved the first strategy of rural development of Rokiškis district (8 million 980 thousands Lt of which 7 million 480 thousands  Lt for local projects. Was committed for LAG to implement in the area  at least 41 local project). On 7th of June, 2010 was signed an agreement of strategy implementation with National paying agency.

On 30th of June, 2009 LAG of Rokiškis region became a member of rural network of Lithuania.

On 17th of December, 2009 LAG of Rokiškis became member of local action groups’ network.

On 9th of February, 2010 was started to form the office (on 2010-02-09 started to work accountant / project manager Valentinas Morkūnas, on 2010-04-02 consultant / project manager - Dovilė Pučinskinskienė, on 2010-11-03 project manager - Raimond Stankevičiūtė Vilimienė.

On August, 2010 was launched LAG of Rokiškis region website.

On 25th of September, 2010 was organized an international scientific conference "Connection – Selians”.

Since 2012, in the traditional district farmer’s celebration LAG honors the farmers who respond to every rural NGO requests for assistance. These awards became as traditional.

2012 -2014 were elected the best strategy projects, ideas and promoters. Nominations: "A new tradition / an event of area; "The community that has included largest population in the project activities (in per cent from the population); "The community, focusing its largest team of volunteers in the project (who worked on the project activities); "The most active non-governmental organization” electing the webpage visitors.

On 12th of October, 2013 local project applicants and promoters had an international experience tour to the Germany and France.

On 24-25th of October, 2013 team of 25 members of LAG of Rokiškis participated in the first event of   “Found history” - a two-day conference (handicrafts workshops) in Ludza (Latvia).

In January, 2014 started the territorial project main product - an online information portal about economic activities in Rokiškis, Biržai, Pasvalys rural areas www.sukįkaimą.lt. In the project as partners were include rural librarians, representatives of elderships and rural community’s leaders.  xx was founded an association  “Suk į kaimą" (members – the project partners).

2014 - 2016 year for Lithuanian local action groups network board Panevėžys district represented LAG of Rokiškis district chairperson Raimonda Stankevičiūtė-Vilimienė.

2014-02-16 acknowledgments of Rokiškis district mayor Vytautas Vilys were awarded two members of local action group of Rokiškis district - Dovilė Pučinskienė and Audrone Baltuškaitė.

2014-03-11 in television TV3 project “Lithuanian honor 2014” was awarded chairperson of Antanašė community center, librarian Ritė Gernienė, for the fact that for 10 years in their home was storing the library.

April 2014, 15 members of LAG of Rokiškis district together with colleagues of others local action groups, were in Croatia to get experience of their local action groups.

2014-04-25 in conference - general reporting meeting of members “LAG strategy for village" were discussed the guidelines for the new strategic period.

2014-04-25 in general meeting name of honor member was given for Gintaras Styra, for outstanding contribution and efforts for development of LAG of Rokiškis district activities.

2015-05-15 ended an international co-operation project with Latvians "Found history." LAG formed the first route of manors of Rokiškis rural area. xxx Rokiškis LAG founded the PI "Savas Rokiškis” (since it a stakeholder became local action group of Ludza).

2015 through the project was created and launched the website “Savas Rokiškis" to promote the Struve geodetic arc in Gireišiai point and for others Rokiškis rural areas destinations for tourists promotion.

On 18th of August, 2015 in conference-general meeting was approved the second local action group of Rokiškis district rural area strategy “Rokiškis rural strategy for 2014-2020”. The contract with the National paying agency was signed on 20th of September, 2016 (for 2 149 975 EUR).

Vision of LAG. Rokiškis region rural areas will become more attractive for its residents and visitors. Improved rural infrastructure and quality of life will grow and will develop competitive business. Local communities will strengthen public services and social enterprises. Traditions, customs, landscape, cultural heritage become objects of rural attractions.

On 16th of February, 2016 - on Lithuanian Independence Day, acknowledgments of Rokiškis district mayor were awarded Virginija Ardavičienė and Aušra Kriovė, whose nominations for awards presented the local action group.

On 14th of June, 2016 LAG of Rokiškis district invited to experimental resistential trip of battles in Rokiškis region (will be seeking to create a route).

2016 through the Cultural council funded project “Anniversary of Struve monument and perspectives of territory” was created Struve Gireišiai point route, on 28th of  October was final international event of the project for the UNESCO-protected monument commemoration of the jubilee celebrations, route presentation and the new ideas of monument promotion.

* * *

2017 in general meeting was formed the sixth from the the beginning board of LAG, of 20 members.

Chairpersons of LAG

2007 -2008 Genovaitė Kažemėkienė

2008 – 2011 Valentinas Šedys

Since 2011 Raimonda Stankevičiūtė – Vilimienė

Chairpersons of LAG boards

2007 – 2009 Vytautas Vilys

2009 - 2011 Raimonda Stankevičiūtė – Vilimienė

2011 - 2013 Vidmantas Kanopa

2013-01-04 Albinas Urbonas

2013 - 2015 Vytautas Vilys

2015 m. Valerijus Rancevas

Since 2018 m. Lina Meilutė - Datkūnienė

Cooperation agreements

2009-03-03 with local action group of Biržai district.

2010-09-25 with association „Rural partnership Sėlija“ (Aknystė, Latvia), Biržai district, Kupiškis district, Rokiškis dirstrict, Utena region, municipality of Zarasai local action groups.

2010-11-03 agreement between 11 local action groups: Kupiškis, Pasvalys, Rokiškis, Biržai, Utena, Panevėžys, Ignalina, Anykščiai, Molėtai, Zarasai, Švenčioniai.

2012-05-17 with local action groups of Pasvalys and Biržai districts.

2011 was signed a cooperation agreement with university of Šiauliai Social sciences faculty.

In september, 2013 was approved local action group of Rokiškis district and Latvian „Partnership of Ludza region“ international cooperation project „Found history".

2013-12-13 was signed a cooperation agreement between Rokiškis district and Pandivere (Estonia) local action groups. In general, connecting point for future projects became Struve geodetic arc in Gireišiai point (Panemunėlis eldership).


2014-12-13 international conference - general meeting ”Leader program for businesses and young people". During the conference was signed cooperation agreement with the local action group of „Puszcza  Bialowieska“ represented by chairperson Eugeniusz Kowalski and local action group of  Montaña De Riaño in Spain, represented by vice manager Eduardo Centeno.

2015-05-29 cooperation agreement signed with local action group of Adri Valladolid Norte in Spain, represented by the manager Eugenio García-Rojo.

2016-02-11 two local action groups of Rokiškis area - rural and urban, have signed a cooperation agreement and committed to contribute by strengthening Rokiskis area people a sense of belonging and mobilize them to develop the ideas for Rokiškis.

* * *

The project is financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Republic of Lithuania