Rokiškio rajono vietos veiklos grupė

COMMUNITIES. Rokiškis region community festival "Only together we are successful" will be held in Salos on June 17th. STRATEGY. The XIV th call for projects under the activity area of the Rokiškis district LAG strategy "Support for business development" is underway. Get acquainted with the documents by clicking on the link.


Local action group of Rokiškis district

code – 300666756

address: Respublikos str.  94, Rokiškis LT-42136, Lithuania

„Swedbank” AB, bank account LT667300010100795351


Working hours: I-V  8.00 – 17.00
Phone.: 8 458 52752; fax.: 8 458 52752

Manager of strategy of local development,  specialist of public relations

Raimonda Stankevičiūtė-Vilimienė

phone: +370 686 96382

Financier of  strategy of local development, projects administrator of strategy of local development

Valentinas Morkūnas

phone: +370 687 25511

Administrator of local development strategy projects

Milda Ulevičienė

 phone:+370 606 71327

The organization accepts volunteers

(address: chairwoman Raimonda Stankevičiūtė-Vilimienė, tel.+370 686 96382).

Volunteers are contracted and the cost of volunteering is covered under the volunteering act.

Preferred competences of the volunteer:

-motivation of citizens' initiatives of different age groups, training, publicizing of strategy;

-initiation and implementation of social and cultural projects with different age groups;

- administration of office work.


The project is financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Republic of Lithuania